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Friday, 16 September 2011

Diamonds are Forever

Diamond is one of the hardest minerals exists on the face of the Earth. There is a saying that “Only a diamond can cut a diamond” and I believe in that. Do you know that diamond comes from a mineral called “carbon”? Carbon is present in charcoal compressed by time (for million years) and heat and form a diamond. I sometimes tell my girlfriend that I can give our children legacy diamonds by giving them a sack of charcoal but they have to wait for million years so that they can get the diamond LOL. Well, that’s only a joke and I don’t want to wait for million years because I may surely be a just fossil when that time comes. Diamonds can be a design not only for jewelleries but also in clothes (but not real diamond), crowns and ornaments like in Faberge eggs. Whoa I suddenly remember my mom because she likes to buy faberge with diamond design. She said that she wants to display it in our living room so guys I’ll go to my mother now and tell her the Faberge egg that I saw on the web earlier. Bye guys! 

House Ornaments

My mom likes buying house ornaments. When it comes to house things, she is quite meticulous so the ornaments should have high quality and standard. What do I mean by ornaments with high quality and standard? Well, she likes expensive antique jars, dining table made of narra wood, elegant looking living room cabinets and beautiful artificial plants and flowers. She also plans to buy either cuckoo or small grandfather’s clock or she wants maple ones to complement the colour of our wall which is yellow. Yesterday, while I was browsing the web, I have noticed elegant egg faberge available in the market for a very reasonable price. Yay I’m excited to recommend it to her. I’m sure she will be happy when I say that. I know that collecting beautiful things is her joy so I support her haha! My sister and I give her the things that make her happy. Truly, we have to give our parents their wants and their joys as long as they are alive and here. 

The Queen Mother

Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon or popularly known as the “Queen Mother” was the mother of Queen Elizabeth of Britain. When I watched the movie “The King’s Speech”, Helena Bonham Carter (my favourite British actress) played as the queen mother. Positively, she had given justice to the role as a patient, gentle, and loving wife and mother.

 The Queen Mother lived her life to the fullest. Many people in England remember her as the gentle, peace loving and caring queen. Indeed she became the one of the most famous personalities in the British royalty. Sadly, she died in her sleep days after her second daughter Princess Margaret in 2004 at the age of 102. She left her assets to her only surviving daughter Elizabeth II. Among her assets are money, jewelleries, paintings, horses and Faberge eggs. The late queen was fond of collecting Faberge eggs because of their elegance and beauty; really looks like faberge egg for sale that I have seen in some stores. The late queen was buried in Westminster Abbey; her coffin was placed on the Tomb of The Unknown Warrior.      
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Looking Forward to Valentine’s Day

I’m quite excited to Valentine’s Day even though my girlfriend is working in Dubai now. I am thinking of surprising her wonderful gift and guess what? Two silver necklaces with faberge pendants wohoooo! I was browsing on the internet earlier in the office (it was lunch time haha) when I saw beautiful necklaces in one website. My girlfriend loves necklaces and she prefers silver rather than gold. No matter how expensive the gift is, it doesn’t matter to me (as long as I can afford it LOL) because I love my girlfriend yay! Well, let’s go back to the necklace LOL. I chose faberge pendants because they look elegant and beautiful; perfect for my girlfriend. They say that women appreciate more their womanhood if they wear the things they like. I really am excited for the Valentine ’s Day though I know that I have to prepare first for this coming Christmas season haha.  

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Sunday, 11 September 2011

Having Insurance is Good

Having insurance is great help especially if you don’t have a big amount of money in the bank. For example you buy a car, if you want to have peace of mind if something happens to your car, then you apply for insurance. Not only car, you can also insure your house, health, life, business, building and others. In short, insurance gives us peace of mind. In my case I have health insurance so if I get sick, I would not have to worry about the consultation and service fee because I am insured. I’m also thinking of getting health insurance for my parents.

When it comes to insurance, nothing beats state farm insurance when talking about excellence in service. Yes, they can provide all you need just in case something happens to your car, to your life, to you house etc. I would rather say that they are insurance experts. I would recommend this to my relatives because many of them don’t have insurance yet. Remember the keyword when it comes to insurance, it is “state farm”. 

Sunday, 4 September 2011

Joey Albert’s “I Remember the Boy”

The Song I Remember the Boy was written by Jose Mari Chan and originally sung by Joey Albert in 1980s. This song became a hit in the Philippines in the late 80s. In 1999, this song was included in Lea Salonga’s album titled “By Heart”. In 2009, Christian Bautista did a remake of “I Remember the Girl” in his album “Romance Revisited”.

I Remember the Boy
Today I heard them play the song again
An old familiar strain from way back when
Every note and every line
It's always been a fav'rite song of mine

It used to haunt me so some years ago
Reminds me of a boy I used to know
And although the melody lives on
The mem'ries and the boy are all but gone

And while the song still brings that certain glow
And the words still sing of love I know
It isn't quite the way it was before
I remember the boy but I don't remember the feeling anymore

The promises we made seem easier then
As if we knew our love would never end
But seasons change and time erases the tears
As swiftly as the rivers disappear

So while the song still brings that certain glow
And the words still sing of love I know
It isn't quite the way it was before
I remember the boy but I don't remember the feeling
I remember the boy but I don't remember the feeling anymore


Joey Albert’s “Yakapin Mo Ako”

The song Yakapin Mo Ako was composed by Louie Ocampo in the 80’s. This song is my personal favourite. Here’s the lyrics of the song together with the YouTube Video. Enjoy guys!

Yakapin Mo Ako Lyrics

Minsan Pa, Yakapin Mo Ako
nang Mahigpit, 'tong Huling Sandali
kailanman, Ang Nasa Isip Ko'y
ang Labi Mo'y Mahalikang Muli

ngayon Unawain, Puso Ko'y Umaamin
na Ika'y Hahanapin Irog Ko
kailangan Sabihin Masakit Sa Damdamin
mawala Ka Sa Buhay Ko

minsan Pa, Yakapin Mo Ako
masdan Ang Puso Kong Lumuluha
tandaan, Mapalayo Ka Man
kahit Saan, Mamahalin Kita

ad Lib

[Repeat Refrain]
[Repeat Last Stanza]