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Monday, 17 October 2011

Are There No “Real” Dating Sites Left?

My friend is single and he does want to have a girlfriend; he told me that he finds his life is boring. He used to have several girlfriends before but the relationships ended sadly. There are actually a lot of ways to find a girlfriend nowadays but you have to remember that you have to know the girl very well. You should find some ways on how to know them better so that everything will work fine when you already have a girlfriend.

Many say that online courtship is a better way to know a girl. With online courtship or dating, you can choose a girl that is perfect for you. They say that there is no “real” dating site left but I say that there are. I think those people who say that there’s no real dating sites have a bad or unfavourable experience with dating sites. I recommend them free dating sites to choose the right person for them. There are dating sites for free available online so what are you waiting for? Find your perfect match.         

Friday, 14 October 2011

Buying a Second Hand Computer

My cousin told me that he wants to buy a second hand desktop computer but he doesn’t know where to buy to. I suggested him to check the online classified listings as well as in the newspapers. When just had my old laptop, I also had planned to buy a second hand desktop computer but my sister told me that it is not practical. Buying a new one can give me convenience and enjoyable times. But it is still your option to buy a second hand one because it’s much cheaper than the brand new one. 

Since I love gadgets, I want to have my own gadget shop in the future so that my cousin will not find gadget vendors other than me LOL. If you will like to advertise your own business, (either product or service) you can visit free online ads. They offer advertising your business for free. Yes! That is free of charge! Lucky me because I’ve found this site, I will not have any problem in the future when I have my business.    

Thursday, 13 October 2011

Being a Dentist is Noble

Dentists are people who are born with courageous character. Being a dentist is not a joke especially when you deal with patients with dental phobia. Dentists are people who help to build community and country. We need them in order to maintain oral cleanliness and hygiene which is important in our everyday interaction with people.

I have a high school classmate who is now a Dentist. He and his wife run a dental clinic in our hometown. I once visited their dental clinic and I witnessed their being nice and caring to their patients. I guess they are like the Dentists Olympia in terms of dedication and hardwork. Dentists Olympia are professionals that you would love to visit when you have a dental problem. They are indeed so nice and friendly; you will forget your dental fear when you go to their clinic for some dental treatment.

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Monday, 3 October 2011

Great Telecom Experience with NET10

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Net10 for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

With the existence of many Telecom service offers for unlimited service, it is hard to determine which one to choose. With their great offers, many are deceived by flowery words. Be aware of the hidden charges and make sure that the option that you choose can give you better service like what NET10 promises.

See the Light

To lighten up your mind regarding Net10 offers and features, let’s answer some questions that people frequently ask:

What can your $50.00 give you with Net10 Unlimited plan in a month?

·         With Net10 unlimited you can get nationwide coverage and unlimited talk, text and data. This is relatively cheaper than other networks.

When I apply for a loan and the like, a credit check always follow. What about with Net 10?

·         No, there’s no credit check when you apply for Net10 unlimited plan. Furthermore, you will not be bound with a contract and no surprise bills.

Other networks have reception and connectivity problems but still charge me the same amount every month, what can Net10 Unlimited plan promise me about that?

·         Net10 Unlimited plan promises that your $50.00 will be meaningful in the sense that we give you great nationwide coverage and excellent reception and connectivity. Sometimes, even if the signal is strong, the problem is with the phone itself. That’s why; Net10 chooses trusted phone manufacturers like LG, Motorola, Kyocera, Nokia and Samsung.  You can check their website ( for Cute NET10 commercial and for more information.

In addition, Net10 is excellent not only in your everyday life but also to your business. If you start a small business, Net10’s cheap monthly charge helps cut down the costs so you can save your money and interest. If you already have an existing business, Net10 helps lower down your monthly business payables.   

What Rob has to say?

Net10 offers different plans like the Easy Minutes plan and Pay-As-You-Go plan:

·         The Easy Minutes plan- this is an automatic minutes plan that starts at $15.00 for 200 minutes.

·         The Pay-As-You-Go plan- this is a plan where your minutes carry over with active service.  

The good thing with these plans is, you can switch between them each month if you have limited budget. Therefore, the plans follow your budget and airtime needs. Most of all switching between plans will not charge you any amount.  

You can watch these videos for more information about what Net10 offers:


To watch the Real NET10 customers citing their experience regarding Net10, you can watch these videos:



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