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Saturday, 21 January 2012

Health is Wealth

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Walgreens for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

"Health is Wealth" has become a cliche but it is something that we have to give importance to. It's hard to find a job or perform simple tasks that healthy people do when you are sick. When you are healthy, you can do whatever you want to do so while your body is in good state, do the necessary things that to maintain your healthy body or else, you may suffer from illness. Diseases not only prevent you from being wealthy but also from having a normal life. 

Nowadays we really have to prepare a big amount of money for health because in our country, its hard to get sick. There's too little budget allocation for health and it is something that we have to take seriously. Good thing there's Walgreens that can help you stay healthy. 

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When you join, you can get additional benefits such as: 

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Friday, 11 November 2011

A Good Investment

It’s good to invest while you are young. Different kinds of investments are available such as stock markets, mutual funds, banks and properties. Examples of properties that can be a good source of investment are lands, antiques, jewelleries and many more, because the market value of these properties becomes higher. While young, try to buy properties that will benefit you in the future. For many women, the easiest way of investing is buying jewelleries like ring, necklace, earring, anklets and faberge jewellery. Well, I think I have to ask my mom to collect jewelleries and sell them after five, ten or twenty years haha! 

Holiday Sale

Holidays are near so we must be ready for shopping because malls usually offer holiday sale during this season. Last year, I shopped to buy things for Christmas like gifts, foods and clothes. In our country, employees receive 13th month pay and other companies give bonuses so people are rich during Holidays. Malls take advantage to that so they offer discounted items starting from personal to household. Last year I also saw Christmas tree, lights, decors and faberge for sale. Faberge eggs became popular in the late 1800s and early 1900s. That time, only famous and powerful people in Russia and Europe owned Faberge eggs; Queen Elizabeth I was one of them. Well, it’s nice to see faberge for sale especially in Holiday season.

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Thinking of Gifts

Thinking of a gift to give to my loved ones in every occasion is pressuring me. For example, every Christmas, I have to think of a gift not similar with my gift last year. To think that I have numerous godchildren and relatives, giving them joy is my primary goal but it’s a little bit hard hehe. There times when I give them money as a gift; my older relatives like that but children don’t. As a result, I prepare a list of gifts every year, I will archive them (create a separate folder on my email perhaps) and then compare the list for this year to the last year. There, I think it will be convenient now to buy gifts this coming Christmas.   

Our Gift to Grandma

We celebrated grandma’s 82nd birthday last Monday. That day was really special to her because her grandchildren were complete and it was like a big family reunion aside from Christmas or New Year family gatherings. My grandma has eight children and my dad is the eldest so the gift from him must be special hahaha! My sister and I thought to give grandma a chocolate cake with two sets of number 82-shaped candles colored blue and red (two sets). Father’s other siblings also gave grandma some presents like ice cream, clothes, money, special bread and more. However, for grandma, her children and grandchildren’s presence is the most important gift on her birthday.   

Monday, 17 October 2011

Are There No “Real” Dating Sites Left?

My friend is single and he does want to have a girlfriend; he told me that he finds his life is boring. He used to have several girlfriends before but the relationships ended sadly. There are actually a lot of ways to find a girlfriend nowadays but you have to remember that you have to know the girl very well. You should find some ways on how to know them better so that everything will work fine when you already have a girlfriend.

Many say that online courtship is a better way to know a girl. With online courtship or dating, you can choose a girl that is perfect for you. They say that there is no “real” dating site left but I say that there are. I think those people who say that there’s no real dating sites have a bad or unfavourable experience with dating sites. I recommend them free dating sites to choose the right person for them. There are dating sites for free available online so what are you waiting for? Find your perfect match.         

Friday, 14 October 2011

Buying a Second Hand Computer

My cousin told me that he wants to buy a second hand desktop computer but he doesn’t know where to buy to. I suggested him to check the online classified listings as well as in the newspapers. When just had my old laptop, I also had planned to buy a second hand desktop computer but my sister told me that it is not practical. Buying a new one can give me convenience and enjoyable times. But it is still your option to buy a second hand one because it’s much cheaper than the brand new one. 

Since I love gadgets, I want to have my own gadget shop in the future so that my cousin will not find gadget vendors other than me LOL. If you will like to advertise your own business, (either product or service) you can visit free online ads. They offer advertising your business for free. Yes! That is free of charge! Lucky me because I’ve found this site, I will not have any problem in the future when I have my business.